Returning to America after four years in Europe

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Vacation, American Style

I just returned from my first vacation since repatriating. I spent a glorious week on the East Coast - making the rounds with friends from various chapters.

I saw the never benign or boring Eric in New York. We share of love of bourbon, Egon Schiele and the Wall Street Journal. Despite an aborted trip out of the city, we managed to amuse ourselves in Manhattan by doing, well, as little as possible. Turning off the phone and computer for two days was a dream.

I then spent several days playing second chair house wife in Maryland, where I caught up with one of my best friends, Courtney, and her two small children. We all went down to Baltimore for a day to see Kim and Rob run the marathon. They both turned in great times and managed to hobble to an ice cream later that day. I also squeezed in one night in Washington, D.C. to see Sarah, a dear friend from my days in Prague who has just started a master's degree program at American.

Travel - even when I don't go anywhere new - always makes me want more. It shakes me like snow globe, turning everything upside down. Now I find myself dreaming of trips to Paris and Polynesia.

The melancholy of my return has only been mitigated by news that Mom and David from Scotland will appear in November - both arriving on maybe the same day and here for Thanksgiving, my first stateside since 2000.


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